Petras Malinauskas
  • Working on Unity engine;

  • Produced a VR game ”Hurl VR” and unreleased digital card game “Streets of Cyberworld”;

  • Received “Best Gamejam Game” award in first Lithuanian Game Awards, "Best game” award in Hackergames Vilnius 2016;

  • Gave presentations in several gamedev events in Lithuania, mentored and judged multiple game jams / hackathons;

  • Produced several interactive installations for art festivals;

Vadzim Varabyou
  • Started coding when I was 12. That was 20 years ago;

  • Have seen the rise and the fall of many game engines and technology;

  • Worked on Shadowrun Online, Aerena, The Godlike, Pigbang, League of Arasaurs, UFL, Hydropunk, Loóna;

  • Currently working on Traffic Puzzle by HuuugeGames;

  • Have shipped enough games to know how to not fail;

Felipe Wang
  • Senior game developer at King in Stockholm;

  • Worked on Blossom Blast, and the new Rebel Riders (plus many unannounced mobile games);

  • Have used Defold game engine before it was cool

  • Studied and worked in the US but now is based in Sweden, but can also speak Chinese and Spanish;

  • Traveling, hiking and exploring is how Felipe spends his spare time;

Felix Kerger
  • Developer Relations Director at Wildlife Studios;

  • Worked at Unity and at King on the internal game engine tech;

  • While in university published a textbook about Ogre3D game engine;

  • Has been programming for more than 24 years;

  • Organized the biggest hobby game development conference in Germany;

Mantas Puida
  • Working on Machine Learning Inference Engine with CPU and GPU support across all platforms that Unity supports;

  • Helped to make a Unity Metal Tessellation Demo for WWDC 2016, helped to port Unity core and 3rd party middleware to ARM64, has been to other adventures at Unity since 2008;

  • Enjoys designing and building early prototypes, technical leadership, and mentoring;

  • PhD in Computer Science at Vilnius University;

  • Was a teacher and a lecturer for the "Algorithms for Computer Games" course at Vilnius University;

Julius Ragaišis
  • Multi-purpose animator with a passion for concept art and modeling;

  • Produced VFX for movies such as Vanishing Waves, Attraction;

  • Created layouts and animations for award-winning shorts - Junction, Running Lights;

  • Worked on teasers, trailers, VR, games, art installations, and all kinds of CGI projects;

  • Currently at Estoty, doing 3D and animations;

Paulina Miciulevičiūtė
  • Worked at Unity, Golem House;

  • Currently working on ARPG 'Treasure Tile';

  • Women in Games Ambassador, a board member of Lithuanian Game Developers Association;

  • Pivoted my career into VFX Artist, even when I felt that it was impossible;

  • Enjoys speaking about VFX at games events and runs a personal website - to help young talent learn VFX for games;

Gabija Smalinskaite
  • Worked on in-game cutscenes, tv shows, films, commercials, music videos, and trailers at Goodbye Kansas as a lead rigger;

  • Worked on Small Town Murders, Cyberpunk 2077 - The Diner, Assassin Creed: Valhalla, and many more famous trailers;

  • Worked a lead rigger in award-winning cinematics : “Volvo: The E.V.A. Initiative" and Outer Worlds 2;

  • Works hand in hand with the rigging team in Goodbye Kansas to develop tools for rigging and other departments;

  • Provided cfx (nCloth) in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Farrow Reveal Trailer and Overkill’s The Walking Dead character reveal trailers;

Julius Liubertas
  • 3D generalist (modeling, texturing, rigging, optimizing) working as an animator at Snowprint Studios;

  • Worked on many mobile games including Warhammer40k: Tacticus, Rivengard, Legend of Solgard, Monster Buster;

  • Alumni of iAnimate and Anomalia CG schools;

  • Loves quick prototyping and getting things done, participant of many Hackathons and Game Jams;

  • Experienced game master of Dungeons&Dragons;

Natalia Rebrova
  • UI/UX designer based in Denmark with over 10 years of experience primarily in the game industry;

  • Worked on many desktop and mobile games such as World of Warships, Subway Surfers, Metroland, Minion Masters, Blades of Brim, Evilibrium, X-Mercs;

  • Passionate about creating compelling, yet seamless experiences that resonate emotionally with the users;

  • Formal training in media design and special psychology, strong interest in neurobiology and human behavior;

  • In spare time Natalia designs branding and packaging for consumer products, paints and animates;

Oksana Bondarenko
  • 2D artist with experience in concept art and illustrations, based in Wrocław;

  • Worked on console, desktop and mobile games such as Sea of the Kings, 100 Doors - Escape from Prison, HammerHelm, Junk Punk Racing, Ink Tail: Color Story Puzzle;

  • Now mastering my 3D modelling skills with Blender and ZBrush;

  • Made my way into the games industry by self-learning and practice;

  • Studied veterinary medicine and worked on a pig farm in Denmark;

Alina Brazdeikene
  • Head of Production for multiple games - Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Aftermath, Time Loader and more;

  • Also worked on: Simpsons: Tapped Out, Nitro Nation: Stories, Escape Alcatraz, The X-Files: Deep state;

  • Member of Estonian Screenwriters Guild;

  • Create a full-scale writing room for a mobile game to perform on the same level with a world-famous TV show;

  • Awarded by London School of Liberal Arts as a screenwriter of a short film;

Ranko Trifkovic
  • Old and wise;

  • Worked on more than 50 indie titles;

  • Mentored over 100 individuals, guiding them into the gaming industry from "I have some skills" to "I got the job!";

  • 11 of my game writing students reached over 1 million readers each;

  • Always invited to speak at European conferences such as GIC Poznan, GG Kiyv, GDS Prague;

Slava Lukyanenka
  • Worked in production or helped to direct multiple games - Cyberpunk 2077, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, World of Tanks, Hydropunk, Cognition Method, and more;

  • Proud mentor of several indie teams;

  • Founder of "Holistic Game Production" community;

  • Often speaker at some of the top game development conferences;

  • Now focused on helping indie teams be successful;

Valentin Briukhanov
  • Educational Games Designer with engineering and game development background;

  • Designed and built AI League — competitive esports platform for programmers;

  • Had to wear multiple hats in game dev, edtech and software industries;

  • Have a special passion for educational coding games;

  • Prefer working in small teams with real accountability;

Kirill Zolovkin
  • Worked on multiple AAA titles for (VK) and Wargaming, also worked on smaller games such as Wormix, Death Tour, Orbix, Kronville: Stolen Dreams, and more;

  • Shipped award-winning indie games - Steam Panic, Paper Knight, Gripper;

  • Finalist of ZeptoLab Game Designers Challenge (among 2700 participants all over the world);

  • Mentor, teacher, game design evangelist active in academia, indie world, gamedev communities, podcasts, YouTube;

  • Wrote influential and cited essays “Time and Death in Games”, “Naïve Games Manifest”;

Christina Begerska
  • The experienced producer with 2 master's degrees in banking and finance & creative marketing;

  • Worked on many desktop and console titles, including Arktika.1, Metro Exodus, Vermintide 2, Everywhere;

  • Juggled and herded teams at a game development accelerator;

  • Worked with people from 50+ countries and lived in 10 countries;

  • The weather in your city is probably better than where I live;

Fawzi Mesmar
  • Award-winning Game designer, leader, author, and public speaker;

  • Has worked on over 20 titles including entries in Battlefield, Battlefront, Persona, and many more;

  • Lived in the middle east, New Zealand, Japan, and Europe working for companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Activision Blizzard, Gameloft, and Atlus (SEGA);

  • The author of "Al-Khallab in the art of game design" the first Arabic language textbook on game design;

  • Retired e-sports player yet follows the E-Sports scene regularly;

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