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Gamedev Camp is an online program that invites motivated game developers, artists, and game designers to start a team, make a game, get feedback from mentors, and find a job or continue developing the game.

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People who work at top games companies will mentor you weekly and provide feedback: programmers will coach programmers, artists will hang out with artists, etc. Producers and game designers will have shared feedback sessions so everyone in the team can learn.


You’ll make friends and connections like in a summer camp or at a bigger games conference. Everything is happening in Discord with multiple channels with different vibes - more active, more silent, audio or text. All your peers and mentors will be easy to find even after you graduate.


Our partners and sponsors will treat you as their closed inner circle - you’ll have access to what others won’t be able to get easily. Think about special discounts or invitations to invite-only workshops, calls for alpha or beta testing of unreleased games or various projects that our sponsors and partners run.

Olle and Lera

We didn't get the value of people and culture in Eastern Europe until Lera has noticed it after years in Korea. You too probably didn't make a great deal about all these names and surnames that sounded too local in some of the world's best games' credits.

All these extremely talented people are from here, and probably there should be more of them! So can we use our network and community experience to help more talented people grow and get top jobs in the games industry?

We can and we must! 🥂

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