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Do you take part in many Game Jams but feel like they’re never long enough? Then our program might be for you! It’s a 3-month-long process of improving and creating a game that you’ve always dreamt of, a Game Jam that suits you best!

To you, a team is a huge part of succeeding, but can’t find people to work with? Our program is built on teamwork, so we will find you great colleagues! We, too, believe that a project can achieve the most only with a powerful team behind it!

You have an idea and a team, but there’s no structure or motivation? Don’t worry, our program helps you push yourself and your project forward with tight deadlines and all the right advice your team might be looking for!

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Gamedev Camp is a space for anyone who dreams of developing their own game but never got the chance to. We focus on encouraging and helping indie devs make their ideas and projects come to life and believe that anything is possible with the right people at the right time - at Gamedev Camp.

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Season 2 Games

This season we had almost 40 participants work long and hard towards their goals and creating a project they can be proud of. At the end of the season, we had 9 amazing teams graduate with 9 unique game demos that showcase not only their great abilities but their determination and teamwork as well. Here you can check out all of the games from our hardworking graduates.

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People who work at top games companies will mentor you weekly, they’ll provide feedback, advice and help you improve your abilities and project. Most mentor sessions will be public, but each team will also receive its own team mentor, alongside the possibility of having 1-on-1 sessions, where a participant can ask for advice and help in a much more private setting.


You’ll make friends and connections like in a summer camp or at a games conference. Everything will be taking place online, so you don’t need to worry about being too far to attend! The community is often buzzing with different talks, so you can join your colleagues, or simply observe from afar. All your peers and mentors will stay in the community, so it’ll be easy to find them even after you graduate.



Our partners and sponsors will treat you as their closed inner circle - you’ll have access to what others won’t be able to get easily. You’ll be offered discounts for different events and be able to attend many games conferences with the ability to showcase your games and make even more connections, which will come in handy after your graduation from the program.



You will be provided with a unique and indispensable experience of working with new people, new knowledge, and game development insiders, so I recommend signing up for the next seasons with them.

Kirill Bootreen

It was an amazing experience, where I learned so many new things, met a wonderful community of talented people, and had the support of incredible mentors and organizers. It is such an inspiration to see so many great games come to life in such a short amount of time and I hope to be able to play them in the future.

Julia Rosioru

It's hard to put into words all the motivation, joy, and hard work of the last three months during my participation in Gamedev Camp. It's thrilling to think how the chain of different choices led us to the result we are proud to present today, the team we have become. The Eternal Games team!

Anna Mikhel

Overall, I found Gamedev Camp to be a fantastic opportunity to learn about game development and network with professionals in the industry. The virtual format made it easy to participate from anywhere, and the instructors and professionals provided valuable insights and advice.

Roman Zadorozhnyy

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We’re also incredibly thankful to our partners because our mission would be impossible without them. We were lucky enough to partner up with some of the best people out there, and we look forward to working with them more!