Petras Malinauskas
  • Working on Unity engine;

  • Produced a VR game ”Hurl VR” and unreleased digital card game “Streets of Cyberworld”;

  • Received “Best Gamejam Game” award in first Lithuanian Game Awards, "Best game” award in Hackergames Vilnius 2016;

  • Gave presentations in several gamedev events in Lithuania, mentored and judged multiple game jams / hackathons;

  • Produced several interactive installations for art festivals;

Vadzim Varabyou
  • Started coding when I was 12. That was 20 years ago;

  • Have seen the rise and the fall of many game engines and technology;

  • Worked on Shadowrun Online, Aerena, The Godlike, Pigbang, League of Arasaurs, UFL, Hydropunk, Loóna;

  • Currently working on Traffic Puzzle by HuuugeGames;

  • Have shipped enough games to know how to not fail;

Felipe Wang
  • Senior game developer at King in Stockholm;

  • Worked on Blossom Blast, and the new Rebel Riders (plus many unannounced mobile games);

  • Have used Defold game engine before it was cool

  • Studied and worked in the US but now is based in Sweden, but can also speak Chinese and Spanish;

  • Traveling, hiking and exploring is how Felipe spends his spare time;

Felix Kerger
  • Developer Relations Director at Wildlife Studios;

  • Worked at Unity and at King on the internal game engine tech;

  • While in university published a textbook about Ogre3D game engine;

  • Has been programming for more than 24 years;

  • Organized the biggest hobby game development conference in Germany;

Mantas Puida
  • Working on Machine Learning Inference Engine with CPU and GPU support across all platforms that Unity supports;

  • Helped to make a Unity Metal Tessellation Demo for WWDC 2016, helped to port Unity core and 3rd party middleware to ARM64, has been to other adventures at Unity since 2008;

  • Enjoys designing and building early prototypes, technical leadership, and mentoring;

  • PhD in Computer Science at Vilnius University;

  • Was a teacher and a lecturer for the "Algorithms for Computer Games" course at Vilnius University;

Leszek Szczepański
  • Principal Game System Programmer at Guerrilla Games;

  • Has worked on many famous games like Horizon Forbidden West, Horizon Zero Dawn, Killzone Shadow Fall, Metal Gear Acid Mobile, Sonic 4: Episode 1, and others;

  • A recognised speaker at major gamedev conferences like GDC;

  • Got a BAFTA (and multiple other awards) for Horizon Zero Dawn;

  • Created an open-world RPG in 48 hours, solo, for Ludum Dare;

Yevhenii Miach
  • Senior Unity Developer at Belka Games;

  • Worked on many mobile games, including Pirates? Pirates!, Puss In Boots, The BFG, Solitaire Cruise, Viber Diamonds Rush;

  • Usually is puzzled with foundational tasks about game architecture and engine technologies;

  • Higher maths, algorithms, memory management, and code efficiency;

  • Has a visually stunning hobby project ;

Dominykas Kiauleikis
  • Indie dev who spent 9 years working at Unity;

  • Worked on Unity demos - Bedroom, The Blacksmith, Adam, Book of the Dead, The Heretic, Enemies;

  • His first indie title is in early-access:

  • Now working on an unannounced 3D city building game;

  • Enjoys public speaking, mentoring fellow game developers;

Deividas Krunkauskas
  • Game developer focusing on PC game ports to consoles;

  • Worked on many major games, such as The Lords of the Fallen, Cult of the Lamb, Before we leave, Hokko life, Rustler (Grand Theft Horse);

  • Taught kids at Code Academy and teens at KTU Faculty of Informatics;

  • Likes maths and physics!

  • Thinks that helping people and sharing experiences is the best reward;

  • Can keep conversations with game artists about code;

Alexander Tuzhik
  • Gameplay programmer at Paradox Interactive in Stockholm;

  • Worked on bigger titles like Encased and Life is Feudal: Forest Village plus a lot of smaller games such as 7 Wonders, Midnight Mysteries, Samantha Swift and more;

  • Low-level programming enthusiast - just give him some memory blocks to move around by hand to squeeze some extra performance;

  • He uses a wide range of technologies and game engines, has console experience and enjoys sharing it at developer conferences;

Slava Ukrayini
  • Partner Engineer, Games SDK at Netflix;

  • Previously at Google, Quizlet, and Lyft + lots of freelancing;

  • Originally from Ukraine, in the US for 10 years already;

  • The University of Jyväskylä "honorable" drop-out, but got a Master's in Computer Science from Kharkiv National University for Radio and Electronics;

David Naußed
  • Programmer at Toca Boca;

  • Loves academics and education – Student forever!

  • Really loves helping other people and loves to solve complex problems;

  • Very pedantic about efficiency. Not just code, but also efficiency in development;

  • I’ve got zero hobbies – I just code;

Giulio Piana
  • Senior Gameplay Programmer at Gameloft;

  • Currently in the Gamelab creating prototypes of new mobile casual games;

  • Previously worked at Miniclip on 2 multiplayer mobile hit as Lead Client Developer, and Former founder of Broken Arms Games one of the best Italian indie game studio;

  • Women in Games Ambassador;

  • Committed to design being key to game production;

Maciej Karbownik
  • Lead developer and owner of an indie game dev company “Dark Lord”;

  • Volunteers as a coding coach for kids and a lecturer for adults;

  • Worked on “Regenesis Arcade”, a VR game that in 2018 won the main prize in the“Arcade” category at the VDA2 event;

  • Pursued a career as a game dev and as a death metal drummer too, but game dev turned out to be more glamorous;

  • Also worked on: Inner Chains, HyperArena VR, Glitchpunk (first fully indie title);

Meilė Baužytė
  • Programmer at Expression Games. Started her current role 5 months ago and has been in the games industry for over 3 years;

  • Finalist of MCV Women in Games Awards 2023 - Career Mentor; WIGJ Ambassador;

  • Previously worked on an in-house engine, a VR project, and helped ensure the smooth delivery of The Persistence Enhanced;

  • Worked on prototyping the physics systems for an unannounced AAA multiplayer action title;

Dmitry Minsky
  • Co-founder and Studio Head of Flawless Fun Co.;

  • Currently working on "Chop Chop Guys" a cross-platform multiplayer title;

  • Working in the video game industry since 2011 as both an engineer and business professional;

  • Organizer and instructor for Unity development courses;

  • Founder and enthusiastic member of a Unity User Group consisting of over 650 people;

Ken Noland
  • Has been in the industry for over 25 years and specializes in low-level network programming as well as C and C++ optimizations.

  • Currently is CTO of Fundamental Games, a small co-dev company that works with some of the largest AAA developers from around the world.

  • Has worked on many games, including such as Ghostbusters VR, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded.

Ryan Ash
  • Currently is a lead Unreal developer at MetaGravity, has been in game programming since 2013;

  • Currently working on several projects: Edge of Chaos, Hydropunk, etc.;

  • Is mostly self-taught and can code in ~5-7 programming languages;

  • Worked on UFL and built AI Bot for simulating active player behavior, a tool for merging BPs, and more;

  • Can do Game Dev, web full-stack, software development, video montage, and music composing & performing;

Julius Ragaišis
  • Multi-purpose animator with a passion for concept art and modeling;

  • Produced VFX for movies such as Vanishing Waves, Attraction;

  • Created layouts and animations for award-winning shorts - Junction, Running Lights;

  • Worked on teasers, trailers, VR, games, art installations, and all kinds of CGI projects;

  • Currently at Estoty, doing 3D and animations;

Gabija Smalinskaite
  • Worked on in-game cutscenes, tv shows, films, commercials, music videos, and trailers at Goodbye Kansas as a lead rigger;

  • Worked on Small Town Murders, Cyberpunk 2077 - The Diner, Assassin Creed: Valhalla, and many more famous trailers;

  • Worked a lead rigger in award-winning cinematics : “Volvo: The E.V.A. Initiative" and Outer Worlds 2;

  • Works hand in hand with the rigging team in Goodbye Kansas to develop tools for rigging and other departments;

  • Provided cfx (nCloth) in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Farrow Reveal Trailer and Overkill’s The Walking Dead character reveal trailers;

Julius Liubertas
  • 3D generalist (modeling, texturing, rigging, optimizing) working as an animator at Snowprint Studios;

  • Worked on many mobile games including Warhammer40k: Tacticus, Rivengard, Legend of Solgard, Monster Buster;

  • Alumni of iAnimate and Anomalia CG schools;

  • Loves quick prototyping and getting things done, participant of many Hackathons and Game Jams;

  • Experienced game master of Dungeons&Dragons;

Natalia Rebrova
  • Senior UI/UX Designer at Kiloo Games;

  • Worked on 10+ games. Some of them are Subway Surfers, Metroland, Minion Masters. Blades of Brim, World of Warships, X-Mercs, Evilibrium ;

  • Formal training in media design and special psychology, strong interest in neurobiology and human behavior;

  • Passionate about creating compelling, yet seamless experiences that resonate emotionally with the users;

  • Spends spare time playing jazz on piano and drums and designing the branding and packaging designs, illustrations and animations;

Nataliia Popova
  • 2D artist with leadership and art management experience;

  • Worked on multiple casual games for Big Fish Games;

  • Enjoys supervising and long-term planning of art pipelines for large games;

  • Taught computer graphics design;

  • Passionate for comics, art and concepts for animation;

Jonas Balakauskas
  • Lead Animator/Rigger at NIEKO;

  • Worked on games, VR projects, and live interactive installations - Everdale (3D Modeller), Crystal Raiders VR (Animator, Rigger), Bloody Sunday VR (Animator, Mocap Director), Baltų Žemės (Producer, Designer), Colour Wall (Vilnius Light Festival 2020, interactive installation);

  • BA Hons 1st class, Graphics for Games, Bradford University, class of 2016;

  • Larp and Taijutsu;

Daniel Martin Nielsen
  • Sound artist, composer, saxophonist

  • Worked on audio for bigger titles such as Wolfenstein: Youngblod, Back4blood as well as minor indie titles Scarlet Republics, Bible X, Ozzy

  • Once won the Nordic Game Jam, that was pretty cool

  • Made a game called Creaper inside of audio software Reaper

  • Plays around 200 saxophone gigs per year

Oksana Bondarenko
  • 2D artist with experience in concept art and illustrations, based in Wrocław;

  • Worked on console, desktop and mobile games such as Sea of the Kings, 100 Doors - Escape from Prison, HammerHelm, Junk Punk Racing, Ink Tail: Color Story Puzzle;

  • Now mastering my 3D modelling skills with Blender and ZBrush;

  • Made my way into the games industry by self-learning and practice;

  • Studied veterinary medicine and worked on a pig farm in Denmark;

Alex Bobyr
  • 3D Artist at Rage Quit Games;

  • Worked on commercial design at Samsung, games and did freelance;

  • Artstation;

  • Master's degree in Economics and Business;

Arvydas Brazdeikis
  • Senior UI/UX designer with a decade of experience in the gaming industry;

  • Experienced in various creative fields, including UI/UX, 2D and pixel art, motion design, and cinematic editing;

  • Worked on Dragon Age: Keep, Mass Effect N7HQ, Jurassic World Evolution 2, and the upcoming Warhammer: Age of Sigmar strategy title;

  • Passionate about video games, human-centric approach, and graphic design;

  • A public speaker on topics concerning UI pipelines, design theory, and rapid prototyping;

Kristina Kuosaitė
  • 2D Artist at Sneakybox for 8 years;

  • Has a background in fine art and stumbled into game development by a stroke of luck;

  • Produced game art, UI, and animation for various games on different platforms (mobile, desktop, consoles);

  • Worked on the Atari Recharged series;

  • Proud of having a wide range of skills which makes her a true generalist;

Eglė Jovaišaitė
  • Lead 3D artists at Ignition Immersive;

  • Has worked in VR, AR, and XR for over 4 years;

  • Completed a Master's degree in Virtual Reality. Later enrolled in a mentorship program where she met fantastic mentors, moved to Australia, and finally landed a job;

  • Extensive experience in mentoring juniors in 3D and project management, and taking care of the culture side (various events, team building);

Vilius Petrauskas
  • Freelance Senior concept artist artist who has worked with worldwide famous studios like Marvel Studios, and Universal Pictures International Entertainment;

  • He has worked on huge productions, such as "Jurassic World 2", "Captain Marvel" and games like "Total War: Three Kingdoms" or "Total War: Warhammer";

  • He contributed to the "Anthem" cinematic with Neil Bloomkamp;

  • One of his most recent contributions was the incredible "God of War Ragnarök";

Vitaliy Ischenko
  • More than a decade of experience in game dev;

  • Creator of one of the biggest Nintendo communities in Ukraine - UA Nintendo Family;

  • Currently working as a concept artist at “The Farm 51”;

  • Loves making games on game jams; In 2020 together with a team took 1st place on Global Games Jam in Ukraine;

  • Graduate from National Art Academy with a Masters Degree in art;

Kateryna Babych
  • Working as a 3D Environment Artist at Polyart studio;

  • Love creating stylized props and environments;

  • Bachelor of Architecture (Kyiv, KNUCA);

  • Graduated GameDev Camp, check the team's game;

  • Achieved a Rank A certificate at Rookie Awards 2023;

  • Prior experience in customer support within internet and telecommunication companies;

Danyil Vorobiov
  • GameDev Camp Season 3 Alumni, Team Lead, 3D Artist and Game Designer at E.S.I.C, working on "Jade Masquerade";

  • 10 years in 3D Art for games, worked on number of hyper-casual titles;

  • Self-taught Game Designer and 3D Artist working on first commercial projects;

  • Passionate about stylized art and unexpected twists in game ideas and design;

  • Worked as a mentor on courses on 3D Art for kids;

Production & Game Design:
Alina Brazdeikene
  • Head of Production for multiple games - Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Aftermath, Time Loader and more;

  • Also worked on: Simpsons: Tapped Out, Nitro Nation: Stories, Escape Alcatraz, The X-Files: Deep state;

  • Member of Estonian Screenwriters Guild;

  • Create a full-scale writing room for a mobile game to perform on the same level with a world-famous TV show;

  • Awarded by London School of Liberal Arts as a screenwriter of a short film;

Ranko Trifkovic
  • Old and wise;

  • Worked on more than 50 indie titles;

  • Mentored over 100 individuals, guiding them into the gaming industry from "I have some skills" to "I got the job!";

  • 11 of my game writing students reached over 1 million readers each;

  • Always invited to speak at European conferences such as GIC Poznan, GG Kiyv, GDS Prague;

Slava Lukyanenka
  • Worked in production or helped to direct multiple games - Cyberpunk 2077, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, World of Tanks, Hydropunk, Cognition Method, and more;

  • Proud mentor of several indie teams;

  • Founder of "Holistic Game Production" community;

  • Often speaker at some of the top game development conferences;

  • Now focused on helping indie teams be successful;

Christina Begerska
  • Experienced producer with 2 master's degrees in banking and finance & creative marketing;

  • Worked on many desktop and console titles, including Arktika.1, Metro Exodus, Vermintide 2, Darktide;

  • Juggled and herded teams at a game development accelerator;

  • Worked with people from 50+ countries and lived in 10 countries;

  • The weather in your city is probably better than where I live;

Fawzi Mesmar
  • Award-winning Game designer, leader, author, and public speaker;

  • Has worked on over 20 titles including entries in Battlefield, Battlefront, Persona, and many more;

  • Lived in the middle east, New Zealand, Japan, and Europe working for companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Activision Blizzard, Gameloft, and Atlus (SEGA);

  • The author of "Al-Khallab in the art of game design" the first Arabic language textbook on game design;

  • Retired e-sports player yet follows the E-Sports scene regularly;

Dmitrijus Babicius
  • Indie developer at heart with 5+ independently made games shipped;

  • PyroMind, won third place at Game Development World Championship and was selected as Nordic Game Discovery Contest finalist;

  • The Final Riddle has been awarded with the Best Lithuanian Mobile Game Award;

  • Worked as a game designer at Melior Games, Pepi Play, Sneaky Box ,and Nordcurrent;

  • Won numerous prizes at game jams and hackathons: Hacker Games, MIDI Hackathon, AppCamp and SEB Open Banking Hackathon;

Allan Kirkeby
  • A creative leader with years of experience building successful products and managing software projects;

  • Working with game industry startups, investor relations, and incubating the next generation of game companies;

  • Mentor for European Games Accelerator;

  • Worked as a musician, game designer, project manager then joined Unity as a CEO of Unity Studios;

  • Amateur board game designer with a published game and a few others signed;

Pavel Sudakov
  • Head of RnD at Belka Games;

  • Previously was the Head of Game Production at Snapchat;

  • Started the gamedev journey by founding Bad Rabbit Games studio which produces games for social networks in 2008;

  • Main focus - production processes, team building, team comms, and collaboration;

  • Passionate about Graphics, Animation, Art, Graphic Design, and UI;

Viktor Levashov
  • Works at Miniclip in Lisbon as a Senior Game Designer.

  • Worked on Bowling Crew, Gardenscapes, Fishdom and other successful casual and social games;

  • Used to mentor at Wargaming Academy;

  • One of his mentored teams took the first place in the academy with this project;

Trent Davies
  • Senior Game Designer with leadership experience at Coatsink in the UK, with award nominations in VR and at Freeplay 2018;

  • Worked on Shadow Point, Jurassic World Aftermath, and Cake Bash;

  • Developing a fast paced FPS rogue-lite with a satisfying and fluid movement system, looking to specialise in AI and Combat design;

  • Studied Game Design in Melbourne and Cologne before moving to the UK, and started in the industry through developing escape rooms and physical art spaces;

Will De Gregori
  • Game Designer with 5 years of experience and the indie spirit;

  • Designed Hyper Arcade, Card-Based, Strategy, Story-Driven games;

  • Bootstrapped and co-founded a gamedev studio;

  • Financed and co-founded the Video Game Museum of Rome;

  • Enjoys solving game design problems;

Ramon Huiskamp
  • Currently running Roofkat, a small indie studio in the Netherlands;

  • Alongside business and management, he does most of the game design and programming on their current project: Escaping Atlantis;

  • Has been in the industry for about 6 years;

  • Took part in releasing a VR game called “The Red Stare” on Steam and won a few Dutch Game Awards in the student category;

  • Solo-developed and released “WarpThrough” on Steam, and spent a while living in Tenerife working on Human Fall Flat 2;

Mantas Banevičius
  • Currently is a game designer/developer at SneakyBox with previous experience at Unity as a Junior Test Engineer;

  • Worked on “Void Prison” that was nominated for Best Lithuanian Game Jam Game in 2022 and won!

  • With a team participated in "United With Ukraine GameJam" in Warsaw and created a game called "B is for Borsch" that won 3rd place;

  • Currently working as a game designer, developer, and artist on a game called “Chickenauts”;

Lyosha Davydov
  • Founder of and producer, and game designer at Flazm Interactive;

  • In the games industry since the early days of Flash;

  • Made games for the Web, Steam, and consoles;

  • Known for games like Time Loader and the Train Valley series;

Bohdan Sereda
  • 10+ years in the game dev field and five significant releases to date;

  • Gradually moved from audio and narrative to project management, then to production;

  • Currently head of VR Division at CM Games;

  • Built the first iteration of a virtual reality business unit as the head of a department with three dozen people and the first flagship title accumulating 6200+ reviews on Steam (Into The Radius VR);

  • Has worked on projects such as Into The Radius VR, DUNE II - Reimagined, X-Files: Deep State, and Breached;

Yevhen Chuvychin
  • In game dev since 2015, has been a game producer for 4 years, and has been working as the lead game producer at Voki Games for 2 years.

  • Began his career as a GD for BigFish, and became chief of the GD department, having over 20 projects.

  • Working on Manor Matters since 2019, a free-to-play game with over 1M active players!

  • His best skills are focusing on things that matter most, team building, planning, and creating fun games.

Aliaksei Sasnitski
  • 9 years working in creative agencies as a creative director: understands creative thinking, creative processes, and everything related to it all;

  • 50+ awards at various creative festivals;

  • 3 years involved in projects and startups as an independent brand consultant;

  • 5+ years of teaching. The main topics are related to marketing, branding, creative thinking, idea generation, and game design;

  • 4 years working as a senior game designer on various mobile projects;

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