Become a mentor at Gamedev Camp

Gamedev Camp is a 12-month game jam for participants to make games, get feedback from mentors and eventually get a job in the games industry.

What you’ll do:

  • Spend 3 hours a quarter with Gamedev Camp teams

  • Provide feedback and see what people do with it

  • Inspire and share your personal experience

What becoming a mentor means for you:

  • You have a track record in the games industry

  • You enjoy teaching and mentoring

  • You’d like to share your personal experience

  • You’re comfortable communicating in English

What we expect from mentors:

  • Get fresh ideas from your mentees

  • Watch people get better with your feedback

  • Grow your mentor and leadership skills

  • Network with other mentors in a dedicated Discord channel

Fill in the short form to apply for mentorship

We usually review and onboard new mentors upon launching a new cohort, but we do our best to return back to you as soon as you apply to become a mentor.