Gamedev Camp

Our mission - help people who love games to find a job in the games industry or even start their own game development studios.

We aspire to match our students with great mentors and build a productive environment for the top talent to thrive.

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Founders of Gamedev Camp

Olle Pridiuksson

Founder of Gamedev Camp

Lerute Batsian

Founder of Gamedev Camp


What makes us a perfect team

We cannot be more different. We have polar opinions on everything. That's how we're able to find the middle ground.

Here's a quiz if you'd love to learn more:


  • X writes texts, Y critiques the copy

  • Y designs and draws, X cannot have an opinion about it

  • X ideates on ideas, Y produces audio and video content

  • Y makes the website and Discord tech, X writes the newsletters

  • X likes rave parties, Y enjoys wine at home

  • Y has the last say on business, X mostly brings problems