Gamedev Camp

We know how difficult things can get, that’s why our team focuses on making the game dev industry seem less scary.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We help those new or overlooked in the game dev industry finally have their voices heard, show their abilities, and take the next step in their career and toward their dreams.

We strive to give our participants the best advice by connecting them to the best mentors and encouraging them to stay motivated in trying to become the next big thing in the game dev industry.

Gamedev Camp Team

Olle Pridiuksson

Founder of Gamedev Camp

Lera Batsian

Founder of Gamedev Camp

Vanesa Besasparytė

Communications Specialist of Gamedev Camp

We know how difficult it is to navigate the game dev industry as an indie creator, or someone with no experience outside of university, so we came together to help make the navigation easier.

We founded our incubator in hopes to allow new indie developers to start their long-awaited projects, make useful and necessary connections, and possibly find a job they enjoy or establish their own game development studios, all with the help from us, the Gamedev Camp Team.