Calling 2D and 3D artists

Bring your art to life within a game at Gamedev Camp.

The Gamedev Camp Team

1/11/20242 min read

We kindly invite you to the Season 4 of Gamedev Camp, where, unlike traditional courses or tutorials, you can gain hands-on experience, collaborate with professionals from different disciplines, and create a game with your unique art style and game idea!


During this 4-month program, you will create a game of any genre and setting that you dreamed about using Unity, Unreal, or Defold with the help of programmers, game designers, and mentors from some of the top companies like Unity, Guerrilla, Netflix Games, Gameloft, and more.

We bring in a structured program with clear deadlines, art review sessions, workshops to learn new tools and improve your skills, and the like-minded community to keep you inspired and motivated.

Gamedev Camp is global and online-only, with all art review sessions and workshops happening during evenings in Europe (usually 18:00 GMT+2), meaning you would be able to combine creating your dream game with a full-time job or studies.

Participation in Gamedev Camp costs 650 EUR if you pay upfront or 50 EUR/mo if you decide to pay monthly. The fee includes the 4-month program and access to all future workshops, mentors, and the community forever.

Season 4 ends with a demo day to present your work to a bigger audience and another month to ship your game to Itch, where it would be open to public voting. We’ll let's play all games live on YouTube to attract more people to play your games and cast their votes.

Don’t miss the opportunity and apply for Season 4 of Gamedev Camp today, as it starts on January 29. We’re going through all applications now, so you’d get a near-instant reply.

So take your chance, apply now, and even if you get rejected, you can ask for feedback and come back for the next season! Or you can always write to and ask if you are good enough to apply.

We know that artists often are shy and afraid they’re not enough so we prepared a small article about who we usually admit to the Camp.

Dear artists, have you ever imagined your art not just in a simple rendered scene, but in an actual game that is fun to play?

Gamedev Camp was designed to make it happen!