Community Tier or Premium Program?

Choose the best option for yourself!

6/20/20242 min read

We are thrilled to announce a major transformation at Gamedev Camp, bringing you incredible new opportunities! This will be the last season in its current format, and we’re accepting only a select few participants for the Premium Camp: two programmers and one artist.

Why Apply Now?

1. Premium Gamedev Camp Program


  • If you want full guidance from industry experts while creating their game

  • If you want to be matched with a strong team

  • If you want to learn how to pitch their game to investors

  • If you want to be guided through structure and deadlines to get the best results


  • Personal Mentorship: Every participant gets a dedicated mentor.

  • Team Matching: Be matched with a team that complements your skills and goals.

  • Structured Program: Receive a comprehensive program with clear deadlines to ensure your success.

  • Community Access: Network with like-minded individuals and industry professionals.

  • Exclusive Bonus: FREE access to our Business Camp this season only to learn how to pitch your indie game to investors (the cost on its own is 500 EUR)


2. Community Tier


  • If you have a game idea and want to get some guidance

  • If you already have a prototype but need to get feedback

  • If you are looking for a teammate to create the game

  • If you need the support of like-minded people

  • If you need motivation and deadlines

  • If you want to showcase your game


  • Flexible and Affordable Program: Perfect for those with limited time or budget.

  • Find Teammates: Connect with potential collaborators to bring your game ideas to life.

  • Weekly Tasks & Engagement: Stay motivated and on track with regular tasks and community support.

  • Demo Days: Present your work and gain valuable feedback at the end of the program

PRICE: 30 EUR (you'll get 30% discount if you apply now)

Choose the tier that suits you best and apply now!

You have less than a month since programs kick off in mid-July, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your game development skills and network!

Transform your passion into a profession with Gamedev Camp. Apply today and take the first step toward your game development success!