Become a mentor at Gamedev Camp

Gamedev Camp is an online program that invites motivated game developers, artists, and game designers to start a team and make a game.

As a mentor, you will be a voice of advice and reason, focusing on helping these game devs stay motivated and influencing them to make choices that improve their projects.

What you’ll do:

  • Spend 3 hours a quarter with Gamedev Camp teams

  • Provide feedback and see what people do with it

  • Inspire and share your personal experience

Public sessions mentor

You will be partaking in at least 2 public sessions with all or one type of students depending on your field of knowledge (i.e. programmers, 2D/3D artists, game designers).

Types of mentors we look for:

Team mentor

1-on-1 mentor

You will be able to choose a team and share your insights and advice your mentees might require or request.

You will be assigned one participant/student that is facing an issue in their work and requires some more advice and guidance than a public session can give.

What becoming a mentor means for you:

  • You have a track record in the games industry

  • You enjoy teaching and mentoring

  • You’d like to share your personal experience

  • You’re comfortable communicating in English

What we expect from mentors:

  • Get fresh ideas from your mentees

  • Watch participants improve thanks to your advice

  • Grow your mentor and leadership skills

  • Network with other mentors in our Gamedev Camp Discord server

Fill in the short form to apply for mentorship

After the start of a season, we do not include new mentor applicants* in the schedule of said season, but once we receive a new application, we will get in contact with you as soon as we can, possibly to discuss other mentorship options.

*Only applies if you apply as a public sessions mentor and NOT a mentor for 1-on-1 or mentor-per-team sessions.