News About Season 4

Learn about the benefits of our close community members.

Gamedev Camp Team

10/31/20231 min read

Season 3 hasn’t wrapped up just yet, but we’re already getting excited for Season 4 of Gamedev Camp, which starts on January 15!

Although the applications aren’t officially open to the public, we’d love to give our close community a chance to apply much earlier than anyone outside of it!

This season we have planned something new and more exciting for our early applicants, so let’s talk about the benefits of early Season 4 registration:

  1. Since early applicants are a smaller select group, if not accepted, you get feedback on your application much quicker than those applying later, and in return have more time to improve it if needed.

  2. If you are accepted, we will let you know immediately and invite you to join our Discord community before the initial start of Season 4 on January 15.

  3. When joining earlier, the price of the program is the same (full one-time payment of €650), but you get more.

  4. After joining the Discord server, you will be able to join any and every online session/workshop/class taking place, talk to our alumni and mentors, ask questions that help you learn and improve, and become part of a friendly and like-minded community even before your season starts.

  5. Early applicants will also have their private Season 4 channel where you will be able to meet other Season 4 participants who’ve decided to join us earlier, just like you!

To see how we wrap up our bootcamp seasons and what games our teams created this time, tune in for our Season 3 Demo Day happening on November 16th and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!

Additionally, after the Demo Day, we will have another YouTube livestream on December 7th, during which we will play the games our Season 3 teams made and will release on for everyone else to try and vote for your favorite ones on our "Gamedev Camp Games - Season 3" jam!

Artwork by Anna Ivanenko and Jenya Polosina, Team Heden, Season 3