Fill in the form, and answer all the questions from the survey wisely.

Make sure that your portfolio is public

  • Game designers - link to your games or presentation of your games

  • 2D/3D artists - link to your Artstation/ Behance with 5-7 best and newest works

  • Programmers - link to your games or videos of the gameplay



To gain more insight on how our application is structured and what we look for in an applicant you can read about it here.

We will contact you about your application status and, in some cases, may ask you to complete a test task.


We match team members based on your and their survey answers and portfolios, so fill out the survey carefully and honestly.

Once you confirm your participation in the program, you will receive a Discord server link, where all the sessions and communications take place.


We know how much the abilities of your teammates might affect the project and overall work experience, that’s why we review each application carefully and accept only ⅓ of all applicants. Our program focuses on motivation and teamwork, therefore we work hard to form teams of people who inspire and influence one another.

Your team will consist of 4 people, and for the next 12 weeks you won't only work on a project and your individual improvement, but also form long-lasting connections and friendships. We believe that great team chemistry helps a project succeed, so we do our best to make our teams feel comfortable and at home with one another.

We will provide you with a structured and convenient schedule, which includes tight deadlines and homework tasks that will help you boost your progress.

Schedule and Structure

We believe that you learn faster by doing something and making mistakes rather than listening and taking notes - that is why our program is all about workshops with no lectures.









Most mentor sessions will be public, and anyone can attend them. You will be able to learn from other participants and share progress.




People who work at top games companies will mentor you weekly - they’ll provide feedback and advice and help you improve your abilities and project.

You can receive advice from your mentors in three different ways.

Each team will also receive a personal mentor - what the mentor helps with depends on the team's needs.

Every craft channel has craft mentors ready to help, if you have a question that needs answering now - craft mentors are there to assist you.


The time spent on your tasks is completely up to you, there are no specific time requirements. It all comes down to the complexity of your project and your own abilities, so the decision is up to you and your team!

Your Game

Game Idea

The type of game you make isn’t a task for a game designer alone, it is up to the entire team. The game is a group project, therefore each member's input is equally valuable.


Unlike the usual Game Jams, we expect you to make a game demo instead of a small game. The game demo should not only showcase your skills but the idea and core mechanics of the game as well.

Find a job in game industry

While at Gamedev Camp you will be greeted with several opportunities to showcase your games at well-known conferences, make connections with people from the game dev industry, and upgrade and improve your portfolio with your new project, all of which will help you get a head start in your job-seeking process.

Start your career

Continue working on your game

Once you finish the season and graduate you have the possibility to stay with Gamedev Camp and continue working on your game together with your team. During your game development process, we will help you look for more investors, secure spots at game conferences, and help spread the word about your project.