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3 Months

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Create a demo of the game with your team

Polish your game demo and publish on

1:1 support, workshops, community networking

Gamedev Camp might be what you’re looking for

Do you take part in many Game Jams but feel like they’re never long enough? Then our program might be for you! It’s a 3-month-long process of improving and creating a game that you’ve always dreamt of, a Game Jam that suits you best!

To you, a team is a huge part of succeeding, but can’t find people to work with? Our program is built on teamwork, so we will find you great colleagues! We, too, believe that a project can achieve the most only with a powerful team behind it!

You have an idea and a team, but there’s no structure or motivation? Don’t worry, our program helps you push yourself and your project forward with tight deadlines and all the right advice your team might be looking for!

Long Game Jam


Make your idea come to life

The cost for the full camp is 800 €

The application is free of charge. You pay only after you've got accepted and confirmed that you like everything.

Late Bird




650 €

50 €/mon

Save 20%

Pay in 16 months

Apply to Season 5 now!

Early Season 5 applicants will receive these perks:

Join our Discord and become familiar with the structure of the Seasons.

Engage with current participants and alumni in discussions you're interested in!

As a bonus, gain access to all the old, new, and the upcoming Season 4 workshops for free.

Meet our amazing mentors, ask for help or advice, and improve your skills even more before the start of Season 5.


All sessions happen live in Discord, in the evenings, 17:00-19:00 Vilnius local time on Mondays and Wednesdays, with rare changes (due to i.e. mentor getting sick) and optional extra sessions on Fridays. Teams can ask for additional sessions or request a personal 1:1 with a mentor.

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3

Week 1

Week 5

Week 9

Code Review (Mon)
2D Art Review (Mon)
Code Review (Wed)
2D Art Review (Wed)

Audio (Wed)
UX/UI Review (Wed)

Onboarding (Tue)

Week 2

Week 6

Week 10

Production Review (Mon)
Production Review (Wed)

Game Design (Mon)
Code Review (Mon)
Game Design (Wed)
Code Review (Wed)

Production Review (Mon)
Code Review (Mon)
3D Art Review (Mon)
Production Review (Wed)
Code Review (Wed)
3D Art Review (Wed)

Week 3

Week 7

Week 11

Code Review (Mon)
Concept Art Review (Mon)
Code Review (Wed)
Concept Art Review (Wed)

Code Review (Mon)
2D Art Review (Mon)
3D Art Review (Mon)
Code Review (Wed)
2D Art Review (Wed)
3D Art Review (Wed)

Career Coaching (Mon)
Demo Day Training (Wed)

Week 4

Week 8

Week 12

Game Design (Mon)
Code Review (Mon)
Game Design (Wed)
Code Review (Wed)

Code Review (Mon)
Production Review (Mon)
Code Review (Wed)
Production Review (Wed)

Production Review (Mon)
2D Art Review (Mon)
3D Art Review (Mon)


Petras Malinauskas

Apple Platforms Lead

at Unity

Mantas Puida

Machine Learning

at Unity Lab

Vadzim Varabyou

Development Manager

at Huuuge Games

Felix Kerger

Developer Relations Director

at Wildlife Studios

Leszek Szczepański

Principal Game System Programmer

at Guerrilla

Deividas Krunkauskas

Game Developer

at SneakyBox

Julius Ragaišis


at Estoty

Nataliia Popova

2D Artist

at Room8Group

Gabija Smalinskaite

Lead Rigging TD

at Goodbye Kansas Studios

Julius Liubertas

Senior 3D Artist / Animator

at Snowprint Studios

Oksana Bondarenko

2D Artist

at Fuero Games

Jonas Balakauskas

Technical animator


Alina Brazdeikene

Head of Production

at Stillalive Studio

Ranko Trifković

Narrative Architect

at Grandpa tiger's narrative design

Fawzi Mesmar

VP Editorial

at Ubisoft

Christina Begerska


at People Can Fly

Dmitrijus Babicius

Game Designer

at Dragon Attacks

Allan Kirkeby

Senior Business Developer

Game Hub Denmark

How to apply:

Fill in the form, and answer all the questions from the survey wisely.

Make sure that your portfolio is public.

Applications are always open and we review them periodically. Applicants who might benefit from an additional entry test will be contacted via email not long after applying.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to write us at:
Or come to our Telegram Chat.