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Early Season 5 applicants will receive these perks:

Join our Discord and become familiar with the structure of the Seasons.

Engage with current participants and alumni in discussions you're interested in!

As a bonus, gain access to all the old, new, and the upcoming Season 4 workshops for free.

Meet our amazing mentors, ask for help or advice, and improve your skills even more before the start of Season 5.

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Program starts


4 Months

July 15



$5000 in AWS credits

€1000 for their favorite game made with Defold

$500 to spend on game promotion

Paid tier, promotion, and Spotlight Program

(Unity only)

Personalised pitch deck and budget training

1 year of Upgrade Plan with premium features

Our Season 4 Sponsors:

Create your own game with our help

Meet the teams formed at Gamedev Camp! Everyone applied as individuals, but by the end of 3 months they had their own games!

Applicants are put into teams that not only work, but grow and improve together. We help you find a team and get feedback from professionals, while you help each other make something special - your own game.

Need help with an existing game?

Yes, you can apply as a team with an already existing game or idea!
In previous seasons we had the opportunity to help two amazing teams that appied as a whole, only needing advice and new members to fill the empty spots: Evolute and Team Heden.
If you also have a game but not enough members and need professional feedback on your work, we’d be glad to help you out as well.

Watch Season 3 teams presentations of their games on Demo Day

Apply now and make your own game in 3 months!

To get a notification about the start of applications for every new season and an invitation to our Demo Days.

To see our students, mentors, and alumni's achievements and progress during and after the Camp.

To access small cosy chat about the games industry. An easy way to chat with Gamedev Camp founders.

Let's keep in touch!

You will be provided with a unique and indispensable experience of working with new people, new knowledge, and game development insiders, so I recommend signing up for the next seasons with them.

Kirill Bootreen

It was an amazing experience, where I learned so many new things, met a wonderful community of talented people, and had the support of incredible mentors and organizers. It is such an inspiration to see so many great games come to life in such a short amount of time and I hope to be able to play them in the future.

Julia Rosioru

It's hard to put into words all the motivation, joy, and hard work of the last three months during my participation in Gamedev Camp. It's thrilling to think how the chain of different choices led us to the result we are proud to present today, the team we have become. The Eternal Games team!

Anna Mikhel

Overall, I found Gamedev Camp to be a fantastic opportunity to learn about game development and network with professionals in the industry. The virtual format made it easy to participate from anywhere, and the instructors and professionals provided valuable insights and advice.

Roman Zadorozhnyy

Alumni reviews

Our Partners

We’re also incredibly thankful to our partners because our mission would be impossible without them. We were lucky enough to partner up with some of the best people out there, and we look forward to working with them more!